Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Department (PV Solar)


Bazy PV Solar Department was established with strategy back to comply with Saudi 2030 Vision and National Renewable Energy Program (NREP) that aim to increase the share of Renewable Energy capacity


BAZY develop, plan, build and operate commercial and industrial photovoltaic plants for Small and Medium scale which is up to 20 MW. As an EPC contractor specializing in the design and execution of solar power plants, we place special emphasis on the “on-time and on-budget” construction and delivery of solar power plants, optimized to deliver superior output.


We provide On/OFF and Hybrid PV Solar Solution for the following areas :

  1. Small and Medium Size Projects mandated for Governments
  •  Off Grid Projects for Rural Areas
  • Municipal projects for Infrastructure
  • Off-Grid Illumination of streets and open space
  • Car Parking
  1. PV Solar Systems for Telecoms and Industrials include:
  • Off-Grid for remote Telecom Towers
  • Off-Grid for Pump stations
  • Car Parking
  • Administration buildings
  1. Residential & Farms
  • On Grid for Rooftop
  • Off Grid for rural areas


Team Qualifications:

  • Certification in PV Solar System Design
  • Certification in PV Solar System installation
  • Electrical Safety Certificates
  • Certificate work at height
  • First AID Certificates