AC/DC Power Services

BAZY provides full turnkey engineering services and solutions for various DC Power both for telecom and industrial infrastructure projects in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Project Management.
  • Installation, Testing and Commissioning.
  • Preventive Maintenance.

Project Management
Equipped with project management skills. Our Project Management Team handles project and installation from site survey, design, planning to installation and after sales service maintenance.

Installation,Testing and Commissioning
BAZY Service teams are qualified and certified to perform equipment installation and full testing on site. Our experience in the completion of numerous DC Power Projects manifest our expertise in installation,testing, and commissioning. We have been involved in numerous projects in electrical and telecommunication facilities. Our core competencies revolve around extensive design-build experience, engineering analysis, conceptual estimation and in-house electrical engineering.

Preventive Maintenance
Turnkey support to help solve your problems and meet your facility needs. We are committed to meet all your service needs with our team of highly trained professionals.